Thank you for all your beautiful quilts and fabrics and knowledge that you shared with us today. I had so much fun, and you have inspired me to follow my passion instead of just a dream. We all get caught up in the everyday, the ordinary, the traditional, the expected, and the perfection of it all that we lose sight of who we are and what makes us happy. Now I believe I can take it a bit further and produce the quilts I want to "create" instead of just those I "have" to make.
Peggy Vachon,
Antelope Valley Quilters,
Lancaster, CA

I simply LOVED your landscape class - it was freeing, fun and inspiring! I have never taken a class where I learned so much about Art - not just sewing and cutting lessons, but design considerations and color. It was simply a great, informative class! Thank you for spending so much time with each of us in the class, and for including so much more than just sewing and cutting techniques. I can't wait to make more landscapes now, and to keep in mind how I use color, placement, line, repetition, etc. in my quilts. Thanks a million for a great class!
Marty Ornish
Canyon Quilters Guild
San Diego, CA

Terry, thank you so much for the wonderful talk last night. I wanted to say goodbye but there were so many people surrounding you afterwards!!! I loved seeing your quilts you brought to share with us. I learned so much from the two classes Ive taken from you and I know my art will improve and move forward in different ways because of all I learned.
Rene Guenthart
Santa Maria, CA

I took the most incredible class with Terry Waldron today! She calls it 'Scraffito.' Fun class!
Ann Turley
Fallbrook, CA

I was just looking through your website, and had to tell you how much I love "The Calla Lillies are in Bloom" ... for several reasons. First of all, it's so graphic and exciting, with the combination of bright colors and black-and-whites. I also LOVE the hidden face in the vase ... and as icing on the cake, your title! I immediately saw Katherine Hepburn's dramatic entry in Stage Door. Clever titles are a passion of mine ... and this one is one of my favorites.
Linda Teddlie Minton
San Antonio, Texas

I had a wonderful always. I get my creative juices flowing and love that I stretch myself a bit more from each class I participate in. Terry, you are amazing...talented...warm and a delight to know.
Diane Frembling
Buena Park, CA

Calendar 2017

Road to California
Ontario, CA
Thursday, January 19, 2017 ~ "Pattern-Less Patterns" 8AM - 4PM
Friday, January 20, 2017 ~ "Rougher Cut" 8AM - 4PM
Saturday, January 21, 2017 ~ "Sing Me a Song" 8AM - 4PM
Sunday, January 22, 2017 ~ Poor Butterfly" 8AM - 3PM


Almond County Quilt Guild
Paso Robes, Ca
February 3 = lecture = "The Art of Doing It All"
February 4 = workshop = "The Art of Landscapes"

Coachella Valley Quilt Guild
Palm Desert, CA
February 11 = lecture = "You Are Too An Artist!"
February 12 = workshop = "Flowers in a Vase"


Gold Coast Quilt Guild
Cayucos, CA
April 12 = lecture = "The Art of Doing It All"
April 13 = workshop = "Your Cotton Pickin' Little Hands"

SAQA 2017 Conference
International Quilt Study Center & Museum
Lincoln, Nebraska
April 28 = "Lightning Talk Session"


Nite Owl Quilters Guild
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
June 22 = lecture = "The Art of Doing It All"
June 24 = workshop = "The Art of Landscapes"


Fallbrook Quilt Guild
October 5 = lecture = "The Art of Doing It All"

East Bay Heritage Quilt Guild
Oakland, CA
October 28 = workshop = "The Japanese Way"
October 30 = lecture = "The Art of Doing It All"
October 30 = workshop = "The Art of Landscapes"