What a pleasure it was to take "An Artful Vase of Flowers" workshop with Terry Waldron! Terry is an excellent teacher! She shared her ideas and techniques with s, and insured that each student received individual attention and encouragement in creating their unique vase of flowers. Terry circulated throughout the workshop to make sure that each student felt comfortable and received the guidance they needed. Her technique was fun and innovative, and we learned lots from Terry.
Carollee Schuegraf,
VP Programs,
South Bay Quilters Guild, Redondo Beach, California

Recently I had the pleasure of taking a class from Terry Waldron and it was a delight. She is very knowledgeable and helpful but most of all, she is inspirational. Everyone in the class had something different going on and Terry was able to help each one of us achieve our visions. The quilt I started in class is my new favorite!
Charlotte Lorenzo, student
Quilting In The Pines, Pembroke Pines, Florida

The landscape class was wonderful and we enjoyed it so much. Chris and I have been working hard on our project - leaving it standing somewhere and then doing a few walk-bys to make changes. Thank you so much for a wonderful, challenging class. You are a fabulous teacher!
Susie Goldman
Villa Park, CA