1/2 Day Workshop = $350
1 Day Workshop = $600
2 Day Workshop = $1000

1 hour = $400

If you are interested in contacting me to teach or speak, please contact me at:

Terry Waldron

6160 East Morningview Drive
Anaheim, CA 92807


I loved all your amazing quilts! Very inspiring lecture, makes me even more determined to learn hand applique.
Oliva Leimbach Gust,
Mid-Valley Quilt Guild
Salem, Oregon

"Your presentation at our guild was fabulous. Everytime I head to San Diego, I now figure In time for a Marimekko stop at C&B. The sales gal said they know when you've lectured at a guild nearby because they get a rise in shoppers seeking Marimekko fabric!"
Katsy Chappell

In the workshop you took a class of awkward bumbling, "I can't do it" people and transformed them into "I CAN do it" artists! You challenged us all and expanded our traditional mindset to explore something totally unfamiliar. You pointed out the good in each quilt and that was fantastic. A group of "I don't know" people were able to walk out with the confidence of "I did it" artists!
Anita Moen,
Workshop Chair,
Friendship Quilters, Whittier, CA

Hi Terry. You don't know me, but I thank you every day for teaching "The Art of Landscapes" in San Diego. I would never have created a landscape like this on my own. It set me free to create more landscapes and to improve my designs with what I learned in class. Thanks, Terry. I love you, your creativity and encouragement.
Joyce Mauk

My bird quilt "The Joneses" won best in class for innovative art at the Antelope Valley Quilt Show! I took your class "Birds of a Feather" in 2011 in Lancaster, CA. Thank you so much for the good time and priceless lessons in making quilt art.
Edie Jones

Hi Terry!
Thanks again for the amazing experience you gave me as a new member of the El Camino Quilt Guild last week. I actually joined just so I could hear you speak and go to your workshop!
Linda Bannan
El Camino Quilters
Vista, CA

A HUGE thank you to you for giving our association such a wonderful lecture, an amazing class, and for being such a great person! You are fun, easy, gracious, and just all that is good to be around! I really can't tell you enough what a pleasure you made it for me and for all of us!
Sue Bianchi
Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association

I thoroughly enjoyed the class you taught here at El Camino Quilters. Except for the binding, I have finished the project I began in class. This is only the second time I recall actually finishing a class project, so I am really pleased! Love the technique and will undoubtedly do more.
Corky Blanco
El Camino Quilters
Vista, CA

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your class. It was the most fun I ever had making a quilt! I thoroughly enjoyed your class and hope to take another one. I like art quilts but I often get tense when making them because I don't think of myself as artistic, but in your portrait class, it was pure fun. And I love the result!
Cecilie Schulze
Santa Clara Valley Quilt Association

Classes and Talks

Classes | Talks

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I learned to quilt from Japanese master-quilter Keiko Goke and from looking at the work of Ayako Miyawaki. Japanese art is based on very different design principles than Western art, and it's peaceful and intriguing, too. In this class we will be making a wildly different log cabin by machine and a different, but very soothing, hand-applique technique as we create original shapes for familiar objects. It's so freeing and fun! We'll even choose from excellent translations of Japanese haiku masters' poetry to add to our work.


Using every scrap of cloth that you LOVE, you can easily create words, meaningful thoughts, and even poetry, on your quilt... whatever you like. All you need is cloth, a needle, some thread, a pair of scissors, and YOU! This class is relaxing and so creative, all at the same time. No two students will have the same finished piece, but BEST OF ALL, everyone will leave the class with a peaceful smile on her face... guaranteed!


Vases on tables can hold flowers on stems or even branches from trees. There are no patterns for this class because no two flowers are exactly the same. The pieced background is a wild assortment of strips of fabric sewed onto batting squares. It's ALL fun, and, as an added attraction, dragon flies will come to life, and flutter across your finished piece!


It's a jungle out there... especially when the subject is color! This is a full-out CLASS, not just a lecture. How can you learn about using color if you don't use it as you learn? In this class you will create your own jungle or even use coloring book ideas to spur your creativity. Yes, I will give you a talk about color and how to use it, but the rules are simple and the outcome is a one-of-a-kind art quilt that even a child can make. And that means you CAN do it and learn lots at the same time!


Let's get away from this whizzing world for a while... Just bits of gorgeous cloth, a pair of scissors, a needle, and some thread is all you really need to make a masterpiece! We'll have no patterns or rules or long lectures, either. Just us with some Baroque music in the background to focus our imaginations. You will create a wonderful little town full of houses and trees that no one else in the world would ever think up but YOU! We'll share our scraps with each other, and remember what the community of quilters was like long, long ago. This peaceful class is perfect for everyone, new or old, experienced or absolute beginners. It's also the place to bring all those fabrics that you were saving because they were just too beautiful to use. You see, we'll only be using a tiny bit of each precious cloth. What quiet fun!


ALL quilters can learn to draw, and it's fun, too! In this class students will learn four different, playful, and historical drawing techniques that can be beautifully incorporated into their next quilt. And that's just in the first 3 hours of class! After lunch, students will design an original quilt, learning and then using the four principles of design and the two seminal rules of using color. It's supplemented with this art teacher's input to insure that each quilt design will be an amazing and very personal piece. Best of all, students bring NOTHING to class! The $10 materials fee will supply ALL the tools needed for the drawing techniques and the quilt designing.


This is a class for those who truly LOVE the land and its trees, water, and sky. There are no patterns because Nature isn't as simple as a pattern. She LOVES variations and imperfections! In this class students will learn my "rough cut" technique to chew out tree trunks and leaves and grassy hills. We'll learn aerial perspective and the 4 principles of composition that will make your landscape shine. If you listen well, when you leave class, you'll be able to create any landscape that you can dream up, I promise!

There are endless possibilities for using the sea as a major element in a composition, but there are a few rules that you need to know as well. In this class we will turn hand-dyed fabrics into the majesty of the ocean. You'll learn "rough cut" to simulate water and waves, the sand dunes, and even the mountains and cliffs. This is a design class, but you will be taught sewing techniques to help the water look wetter and the hills rockier. You will even learn how to add fish, seaweed, and other marine creatures to your work, if you'd like.


Students will receive a list of 5 things that they must FIND, not buy! That makes this quilt/pillow economical and truly one-of-a-kind. Wait 'til you see the list! Besides found objects, students will bring fabric that they LOVE, fusing material, maybe even fabric glue, but they can do some sewing, as well. Students will learn the 4 MOST IMPORTANT principles of art so they can design their own unique piece of art long after this class is over. They may even leave this class seeing new possibilities in the over-looked items all around us. It just might be the ultimate recycling art class!


This is me... who are YOU? In this class you just MUST have a sense of humor and some cloth you LOVE! By the way, that is not a headband on my forehead... it's my eyebrows if I forget to pluck! Can you tell I was an English teacher? But why no nose? There's a story there, too. In this class you will sift through your life and pick out ONLY what you want to show the world ~ both who you are and who you'd like to be! It's a fun way to start an art quilt. After all, you're bringing your own live model with you! Oh, and your portrait will have a new name when you are finished... the name that you always WISHED your mom had named you... Just call me Elizabeth... the one with the headband!!!


Remember how fun it was making crayon scraffitos in elementary school? You colored the paper, then covered it with India ink, waited for it to dry, and then scratched into it to make a picture. No worries... Now we'll do that with cloth! First comes the simple sewing of strips and strips of fabric to batting. Then we'll cover it with one large piece of black fabric. Did you know that there is an amazing array of gorgeous patterned all-black fabric out there? It's true! You'll learn to freely cut a pattern-less picture from that one piece of cloth. The final sewing is simple, but the finished piece is striking! You don't even have to BE an artist to make this one-of-a-kind piece of true ART... and it's FUN!

Talks (Lectures)


This talk is a trunk show of my work beginning with some of the first quilts I ever made and extends all the way to my latest work. In it I show how each piece is made up of things I learned from some amazing teachers, as well as innovations I think up as I work. My goal is to inspire my audience and to give them confidence to "go their own ways." Quilting is personal, after all, so an artist needs to know a little bit about a lot of things so that she can venture out and do what is needed to make her own unique statement in cloth! We'll be laughing, though, because quilting SHOULD be FUN... right?


In this combination talk and trunk show, the audience will be teased into remembering that once they were ALL artists... a long time ago when they were young! This is an IMPORTANT concept for people to understand, especially now! Because I was a long-time, successful high school art teacher, this is a subject that is very close to my heart. Remember the fun you had making art when you were in kindergarten? Where did that joy go? This talk will open the doors of the lost creativity we were all born with! It's great fun and useful information from an artist who hasn't lost her "inner child"!!!